Choose ya drone bro

**A.) ** $

Tiny spy drone with medium loudness and short flight time 8 minutes battery.
Very light and easy to manuever.
Extremely durable and won't break stuff it runs into.
Will stream decent live video but no way to record high quality video

B.) $$

Medium freestyle spy drone.
Same as my drone at the moment
See below....

Up 15 minute flight time, will definitely break anything it hits in a crash.
Can carry same FPV camera as tiny AND a gopro. Fairly loud but faaast and easy to manuever. Like a hotrod or F15 Fighter super agile etc.. Fun to fly


Big ass spy drone. $$$

Can put pretty much whatever you want on it including a couple kilos of C4. Half a meter wide with giant props allows it to be quiet and have a looong flight time while sacrificing maneuverability and speed. Not as much fun to fly, but you'll be entering GPS waypoints and letting it fly itself anyways eh?
See below for example

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